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Top 10 Trucker Influencers of 2019

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Top 10 Trucker Influencers of 2019

Truck Driver Power has compiled a list of the top 10 trucker influencers on the internet. Trucking influencers are important figures in the the industry as they can offer advice, discuss industry news, provide humor, and even create a sense of community. All of these influencers have become well respected voices among truckers and our hope here is to expose you to them. Below each influencer are the links where you can find their content.

Tony Justice

Along with being a full-time truck driver, Justice is also a famous country music artist. His songs pay homage to hard-working truck drivers, veterans, and active duty soldiers. Here’s Tony talking about the relationship between his driving job and musical career: “I’ve been blessed to be in a very unique position as an artist. Not only can my fans relate to my music and to me, but I can relate to them…and so does my music. They understand I’m out here in the trenches with my brothers and sisters most every day.”

Tony’s Mission: “It’s my goal to educate, motivate and empower truckers so they can stand up for their rights all along while trying to bring awareness to the general motoring public about how certain regulations negatively impacts them and their family’s highway safety. The industry has done a terrible job the last 40 years of getting our message outside of the trucking industry barriers and into the main stream. It’s my goal to change that.”

 Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music | Tony’s Website

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Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking is a great non-profit “with the mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women in the industry.” If you are a female truck driver I would highly encourage you to give Women in Trucking a look. They offer volunteer opportunities, an insightful magazine called Redefining the Road, a Women in Trucking Mentor program, and much more!Women TruckingBottom-Line: The efforts of Women in Trucking have been and will continue to be instrumental in the mission to promote women in the trucking industry. They offer every female driver an opportunity to be a part of this great mission.

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube

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Trucking with Authority

Whether you’re a newcomer to the trucking industry or a highway pro, listening to Kenny Long’s Trucking with Authority podcast will provide you with interesting industry insights and helpful tips. He strives to help his listeners understand the trucking industry as a whole by looking at it from both the macro and micro perspective. He discusses topics such as “Back to Basics: An Overview of Truckload Freight,” “Maintenance Matters: Keeping Your Equipment and Your Profits Rolling,” “Technology: The Future of Freight,” and many more. You can check out the rest of his podcast episodes by clicking on the banner below 👇

Truck Authority

Bottom-Line: Kenny’s mission is summed up best in his own words: “I have a passion for helping people exceed their business goals.”

Facebook | Apple Podcasts| Blog Talk Radio

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Todd McCann

Todd has been a trucker since 1997 and is constantly sharing industry insight with his followers. He does this through his podcast and blog called the “Trucker Dump.” His blog articles and podcasts contain all kinds of fresh and interesting content. For example, here’s some of the stuff he has published:

His expansive knowledge of the trucking industry has even led him to publish two ebooks, Trucking Life and How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job. I would encourage every driver to give both of these books a look as they are very helpful resources.

Bottom line: While Todd does occasionally integrate clever humor throughout his blog and podcast, he really does provide great industry insight and advice for the trucking community. He believes the purpose of his work is to seek “to inform and entertain new and experienced truckers through the use of stories from the road.”

Twitter | Website | Podcast on Spotify | Podcast on iTunes

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Smart Trucking

If you want to become a better truck driver, I highly recommend you check out Smart Trucking. They cover just about every topic in the trucking industry ranging from a guide on how to start your trucking career to tips on what to do if your rig breaks down. Do yourself a favor and check out their YouTube Channel. Their videos are all great and, as always, “FOR truckers, BY truckers.” Check out their most recent video, “How to Back Up a Tractor Trailer,” below 👇

Bottom-Line: With 40 years of trucking experience, they “aim to help the trucker not only survive but thrive in their trucking career.”

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Pintrest

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Big Rig Videos

Are you a truck driver? If you answered yes, you have probably seen some of their videos at some point. Big Rig Videos is one of the most entertaining follows on Facebook and YouTube. They have “Rolling CB Interviews,” “Truck Walk Arounds,” “Highway Safety Videos,” “Music Videos,” and more! Take a look at one of their more popular videos below, “Caterpillar 777 Mining Haul Truck Transported by 11 Axle Lowboy”

Bottom-Line: If you like watching high quality videos of trucks getting put to work and interesting interviews with people from across the industry, then you should definitely follow them.

Website | YouTube | Facebook

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The Dave Nemo Show

Dave Nemo has been a staple on American airwaves for 50 continuous years. His radio broadcast covers “current and pending issues that affect the trucking industry, ranging from transportation legislation to health and wellness.” His content is fresh, well versed, and engaging. You can even call into the show to share your opinions with his audience. Tune into The Dave Nemo Show on weekdays from 7–11am Eastern on Sirius XM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio, XM 146. For more information check out his website below 👇

Dave Nemo Show

Bottom-Line: Dave’s been broadcasting to the truckers of North America for 50 years now with a daily audience of 1.3 million listeners. He really knows what he’s talking about and trucker’s love his content.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Trucker Josh

Trucker Josh creates daily video blogs as he drives all across North America with the help of his canine companion. He’s gained quite a large following on YouTube and for good reason. His vlogs are really entertaining. Check out this video to get a little preview of what you can expect from his daily vlogs:

Bottom-Line: Next time you’re sitting in your truck looking to kill some time I would definitely recommend checking out his channel and giving him a follow on his social media platforms.

YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Desiree, or Trucker Desiree, has become a respected voice within the trucking community. Along with establishing a large following of fellow drivers, Desiree is President of REAL Women in Trucking, an organization that promotes “safety by educating the public about unsafe driver training and creating a network of support for women entering trucking.” Beyond that, she is a great person to follow on Twitter and also has her own website where she posts her blog.

Trucker Desiree

Desiree’s Mission: “I try to share real life experiences of trucking life to educate the public who are often misled by the sugarcoated version of the industry the big lobby groups prefer. The lack of authenticity is a detriment to improving our industry and demanding accountability. This is the reason I take the time to share with the outside world what goes on behind the scenes using social networking.”

Twitter | Website | LinkedIn SlideShare | REAL Women in Trucking Facebook

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Ask the Trucker Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Allen Smith and his partner Donna Smith. Allen is a highway veteran with 4 million safe miles and 37 years of experience. Allen and Donna share their knowledge of the industry with hard-working truckers across the country. Some of the topics they talk about include, trucker wages, hours regulations, ELDs and more. Click the banner below to check out all of their podcast episodes👇

Ask the Trucker Live

Bottom-Line: Allen is a straight shooter who “will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. He doesn’t pull any punches.”

Blog Talk Radio | Podcast on iTunes | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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