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TDP Releases Day Passes and Subscriptions

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TDP Releases Day Passes and Subscriptions

The TDP app is offering premium commercial vehicle navigation with Day Passes and Subscription Plans.

TDP's GPS mobile app remains free. On 15-February-2023, all users will start seeing a choice before turning on the navigation: get a Free Day Pass by seeing an ad or get a Subscription Plan. You can get a Free Day Pass every day (unlimited). The app is still free.

Vertical Premium Offers

Plan options:

  • Unlimited Free Daily Passes (Ad Unlock)
  • Annual Plan: $7.49/month ($89.99/year)
  • Monthly Plan: $12.99/month ($155.88/year)

Subscribers receive a number of benefits:

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Ad Free Navigation
  • 3x TDP Coins Earned
  • Access to the Backers Chat, Radio Channel, and Group
  • The "PREMIUM" profile banner

We love our users and will continue to offer free access to TDP's app. By offering subscriptions and passes, we will be able to help support free access availability to as many people as possible. 

Note: TDP Backers will remain subscribed to that plan and enjoy the same benefits as premium monthly plan users.

The Back Story

TDP's free app is here to stay - it's not going away. The navigation will be supported by ads, paying customers, and a small selection of folks who agree to help TDP's community regularly. 

We launched the TDP app to support America's transportation professionals and provide a way to daylight drivers' hard work. Since then, 100,000+ people have downloaded the app and thousands of them have given us feedback. We've made several updates and we've seen folks find value across a range of professional use cases including career advancement, finding safe parking in a crisis, managing time to avoid severe weather, and commercial vehicle routing to avoid getting lost.

Along the way, we have fought to create features that help and we have tried many things. There is a long list of features that have been sunsetted such as Faction Wars, Walmart Groceries, Pre-Trip Checklists, and more. We endeavor to be different and better than our Chinese-owned competitors. We are proudly 100% American-owned and building the company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Keeping the app free is important for tons of folks and specifically new drivers just starting out in trucking. We want to continue providing TDP's services but we need help.

Our Future Plans

We plan to refine and expand this offering based on your feedback and needs. We launched the Ads with a mix of publishers from Google's network and TDP's network. We are working to make TDP Ads relevant for professional drivers and that means getting more vetted publishers in TDP's network. TDP is launching a Dispatch TMS version for small fleets and independent freight dispatchers. And we will continue to add trustworthy motor carriers' to TDP's job network.


TDP's Current Features

  • Commercial Vehicle Navigation - (Link)
  • Weigh Station Locations with Open/Closed Statuses - (Link)
  • 15,000+ Truck Parking Locations with Availability - (Link)
  • Robust Weather Trip Planner - (Link)
  • Digital CB Radio
  • Location Sharing In-App & Externally
  • Private & Public Groups
  • Leaderboard Competitions
  • Geolocation-based Achievements
  • Social Network
  • Dispatch Services for Drivers - (Link)
  • Dispatch Services for Dispatchers - (Link)
  • CDL Job Match for Drivers - (Link)
  • CDL Job Match for Employers - (Link)
  • Driver Referral Program - (Link)
  • TDP Ads - (Link)
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