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What's the difference between drayage and intermodal?

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What's the difference between drayage and intermodal?

Too many people do not know what drayage is and how it differs from intermodal. And for good reason, since they are very similar. Intermodal and drayage are both forms of trucking, but they refer to different types of transportation services.


Intermodal transportation refers to the use of multiple modes of transportation (such as trains, trucks, and ships) to move cargo over long distances. In intermodal trucking, a truck is used to transport shipping containers between railheads and ports, or to final destinations.


Drayage, on the other hand, refers to the transportation of cargo over short distances, typically between a port and a nearby railhead or storage facility. Drayage trucking is used when containers need to be transported a short distance to or from a shipping terminal. Unlike intermodal trucking, drayage typically only involves truck transportation.

Difference Is Distance

In summary, intermodal trucking is for longer distances and typically involves multiple modes of transportation, while drayage is for short distances and typically only involves truck transportation.


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